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Wynns Xtreme Diesel System Clean - 325ml 12264

A powerful 'one tank' clean-up

Key Features
  • A powerful 'one tank' clean-up
  • Designed to restore, protect and maintain efficiency of modern 'high pressure common rail' diesel engines
  • Restores lost engine performance, fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions
  • Cleans and protects the engines fuel pump and injectors
  • Maintains the cleanliness od the ERG Valve and DPF
  • Can be used after 'miss-fuelling' diesel engines with petrol to restore lubrication to critical engine components
  • Helps to reduce deposit formation from fuel systems
  • Recommended for all modern diesel engines (TDI, HDI, DCVI, TDCI, CDI & JTD etc.)
  • Suitable for use in diesel fuel and Bio Fuel up to B30

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