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Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner Aerosol 400ml 913

Cleaning your bike after a muddy ride can be very boring and time consuming. As can keeping your bike in tip-top condition. Therefore, having the right tools for the job can save time and effort, and even makes the most mundane tasks more enjoyable. Muc-Off have developed a large and extensive range of cleaning and maintenance products to make the job of cleaning your bike a far easier task. This disc brake cleaner from Muc-Off is the ideal solution for all your cleaning needs. It has been specially developed to provide a fast and effective clean for all types of disc brake. The cleaner can also help to improve braking performance by quickly and easily removing brake dust, oil, dirt and grime from all braking components. As well as being a great cleaner, the spray also has built in conditioners which re-hydrate the disc brake pad helping to dramatically reduce brake squeal, prolong disc pad life and restore braking performance. The aerosol spray dries rapidly and leaves no residue, and is safe for use on rubber, plastic, anodized metals, carbon fibre and painted surfaces. It is suitable for use with motorbikes, road, mountain, cross country, downhill and BMX bikes. Muc-Off was established in 1991 with an obsession for making the most innovative care products around to keep you and your toys running at their maximum, and making them look like new when you

  • Developed and tested using world class riders as test pilots
  • Developed for fast and effective cleaning of all disc brakes
  • Contains added conditioners to re-hydrate the disc brake pad
  • Improves braking performance by rapidly removing brake dust, brake oil, dirt and grime from all braking parts
  • Rapidly air dries leaving no residue

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