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JLM Petrol Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner J03150

MOT Failure:

One of the most common causes of MOT failure is poor emissions. Yet one single treatment of the product will, in most cases, quickly cure the original cause of the problem. It will reduce the emissions to an acceptable level. Expensive repair charges are avoided.

Preventative Maintenance:

Apply one treatment of the product approximately every 5000 miles to help keep the fuel and exhaust system in good condition. This single treatment will also improve efficiency and performance and crucially will help prevent unnecessary and costly mechanical failures.

Reduces emissions
Increases engine performance
Improves Efficiency
Saves money
Cuts maintenance costs
Cleans injectors, carburettors and the entire fuel system to keep them in optimal condition
eliminates sticking valves
Prevents deposits of gum, varnish and sludge
Protects against corrosion
Eliminates rough idling and knocking
Improves the performance of the catalytic converter

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